In each moment, even in this very moment there is a chance for a miracle to happen. Actually this moment itself is a miracle by its very definition. The more I have wandered in my life’s path, the more I have started to experience how miraculous it is to be able to think, feel, see and hear, experience and be part of this amazing world. Everyday there can be a moment in my life in which I meet the other human being, an animal, a plant or a stone and realize what a mystery and a huge gift this other really is. 

Always when I truly realize that each moment being a human is a constant gifting process, I experience as if I wake up from a sleep. Something in me wakes up as if I had a hand that has been so numb that I haven’t been realizing having it, and suddenly I would feel it and being able to move it for the first time! 

First times I had such an experience, this miraculous moment was like a blink of an eye, like a flashing of a lightning during the dark night. Even so it was enough for me to start to wonder, wander and search for the fountain of this blissful nectar. Since that moment, I have been in love. I have been traveling all across the world to find people, books and a proper education for experiencing and understanding this miracle. First times these miracles were blessed moments that came out of the blue. After a while I realized that there must be something I could also do the prepare myself and not only wait for receiving such an immense gift. I wanted to give something back, and since then I have been training and strengthening all my soul-forces, my thinking, feeling and willpower so that when this miracle happens I could offer something back to it.

Some of our fellow humans are looking for a fixed state of bliss where the miracle happens without our own free and creative participation. They would say that humans highest aim is to strip away the self-initiated activities and rather become one with this miracle. Others would say that there are only subjective thoughts, feelings and personal acts of will. They will deny the possibility that one could find within oneself the forces that could transform and so transcend those merely personal forces. 

I know it is a paradox to say that at the same time would I have to activate all my inner forces and let go of my personal opinions, wishful thinking, desires and cravings.

Okay, lets do it together now! 

I open my heart into the devotion of the essence of this gift of this moment. I activate my will-forces and through my limbs and whole body, there is a giggling sensation when my life-forces becomes activated. I empty my head of all the pictures, words and other mental stuff. Through the practice with Philosophy of Freedom I can activate in my thinking a free willpower. I bring all these forces into a mutual movement. A moment happens when the warmth of my heart and streams of life-force merge with the forces of my head. This mutual collaboration of the forces breaks up the presupposition that my consciousness is located in my body. Suddenly I feel a new warmth, life and a cognitive light. I realize my thinking is not pictures in my brain but a living force of universe. I wake up as a being outside of normal space and time. I experience now that being a human is a gift that is given to me through my thinking, feeling and willing. Now when I have accepted these gifts, have became conscious of them and strengthened them in the daily life, I can give a something back to the universe out of my free will. I am able to freely step into this new life, into this miracle that happens in this very moment. The Event is happening! 

Welcome to my new website. This is the primal process I will be engaging here with you through articles, videos, pictures and all sorts of artistic approaches. I will dedicate this website to be a fireplace for people who are wandering in the darkness of our modern civilization to find our home in the universe. I will attempt to demonstrate all the ways I have found and will find to make this miracle a part of our culture today and tomorrow. Let’s have many moments of miracles at the Event!

This path has been possible for me by Philosophy of Freedom -work by Rudolf Steiner and by Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon who as my teacher and a colleague demonstrates in his books, lectures and in his blogposts how this new conscious way to the Event is possible. My dear friend Scott Hicks helped me to take my first steps in this way and we are wandering this path together with Global Event College and Global School so that communities and groups of people could start to work consciously with the Event. 

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