This course will direct the student to the spiritual and living essence of Spiritual Science and will reveal the key to reawaken the spiritual and soul life that lives in all of the books of Rudolf Steiner. This short course can give the student some basic approaches for the lifelong deepening of the practice of Anthroposophy in a fully free and creative manner. We will also give an introduction to the Independent School of Spiritual Science for those people interested in continuing their study in a world-wide community. No familiarity with anthroposophy or philosophy required. We will start from the basic experiences of our everyday life and work upwards.

The course starts in the beginning of November and lasts until Christmas. In every week we delve into the important topics such as self-knowledge, meditation and the spiritual constitution of human and to study books such as Knowledge of Higher Worlds, Outline of Esoteric Science and Theosophy, and others. Every Sunday we will meet in a video-call in which we work together concretely through meditation, study and sharing questions and experiences. We practice and develop together our living thinking, heart-forces such as devotion to truth and love and many different meditations.

Introduction to the Spiritual Science of Anthroposophy-online-course is being led by Scott Hicks and Jeremy Qvick and possibly other faculty-members of the Global Event College. Scott and Jeremy have been working many years with meditation, thinking and consciousness research while working intensely in Global Event College and in Global School of Spiritual Science directed by Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon. Working with the spiritual scientific contents and tools provided by Rudolf Steiner and Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon has given them unprejudiced and experiental attitude, concrete tools and enthusiasm to research the mysteries of life and consciousness.

The price of this course is 175€/$199 including weekly study-material in text-, voice- and video-format, weekly video-calls and an access to a private facebook-group in which participant and hosts can share experiences and questions daily.


From our Facebook-site: you can read, hear and experience more about our coming online-course into the depths of human consciousness and life.

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