Introduction to the Spiritual Science of Anthroposophy – Online course

This course will direct the student to the spiritual and living essence of Spiritual Science and will reveal the key to reawaken the spiritual and soul life that lives in all of the books of Rudolf...

About Dragons and the Battles Towards Freedom

The dragon should be brought to light today! It is Michael who kills the dragon in the story that is being told and played each year during the end of September. This Michael-festival time of the year is today and we could see how this whole century is a Michaelic century. It is our time to face our inner and outer dragons with the light of Michaelic thinking. Thinking that is not “only-thoughts” but a real force. Thinking that we can ignite through our own freedom. Thinking that includes feelings and willpower in it.

About my adventures in the world as a wanderer of consciousness

The emphasis here is precisely the timing. We are at the moment facing the situation in which the nature is collapsing, technological and cognitive enhancements pushing human in a totally new territories. Questions are rising such as what is the right way to live our lives? what is meaningful today? or what shall we believe from this huge mass of information?

The Event is happening!

Suddenly I feel a new warmth, life and a cognitive light. I realize my thinking is not pictures in my brain but a living force of universe. I wake up as a being outside of normal space and time. I experience now that being a human is a gift that is given to me through my thinking, feeling and willing.

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