I have been wandering around the world in last months doing the most meaningful work I have ever done. The Global Event College – an international community directed by Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon – took me in to become a part of the work that aims to answer the challenge of 21th century. What is human being, and what is the role of human today in this vast universe? 

The emphasis here is precisely the timing. We are at the moment facing the situation in which the nature is collapsing, technological and cognitive enhancements pushing human in a totally new territories. Questions are rising such as what is the right way to live our lives? what is meaningful today? or what shall we believe from this huge mass of information? 

There questions provide a real cognitive and moral challenge upon us. How shall we spend our precious time of our life? How can know that the knowledge we have is the suitable for our wellbeing and for our development? 

Through my wandering I have learned a lot about questions. I have learned to create an open state of consciousness in which I can start creatively to ponder about such questions. In this open field I can bring any thought or topic, outer object or inner experience and start to work with it through my inner activities of thinking, feeling and will. This space can be also created together in a group and, we can together start to research inner and outer objects and forces. We stimulate and inspire each other through own individual contributions and so learn new ways of observation, thinking and understanding. This way we create a loving connections between each other and learn gradually to experience that our group creates something real and living through this communal research. We can develop this practice to include our feelings, desires, wounds, social-patterns and even karmic connections between our community. Eventually through above mentioned work we find that together we have stepped into a real connection with a living spiritual world through which new inspiration, care and love can be received. This new loving filled care and inspiration is waiting for us to be received. Whereas before there were single spiritual teachers who brought this inspiration and wisdom down, today it is our task to work ourselves there together. This process is called reversed cultus. 

Reversed cultus is the main practice I have been doing and will be doing for my life. Personally I feel how beautiful it is that it requires our free collaboration as a community out of the individuals, their forces and talents. I believe in each family, band, group and even a country there are collective forces that influence us. These can strengthen us, make us weaker, restrict us or make us free and creative. The influence is a two way process. How I live and what I will work on influence the collective field and other way around. This creates depending on the group a snowball effect that make positive changes or challenges stronger. With Global Event College and with Global School of Spiritual Science we try to find ways to inspire and strengthen to positive effects on us. This of course doesn’t mean that one should work on positive psychology but that one can always find positive and constructive ways to handle every possible challenge. 

Cognitively speaking I am always in the middle of various thoughts, feelings and desires. Through reversed cultus -practice I can strengthen my cognitive forces and self-consciousness so that I can stand consciously in the middle of these inner processes. I see how the world I see outside as well as my inner world is actually created from these forces. These thoughts, sensations and forces of thinking, will and feeling that create my maya of subjectivity can be also used creatively and self-consciously by our free volitionally activity and so liberate them momentarily from their automatic behavior. The metamorphosis happens when I find out that all I think, feel, will, perceive among the forces themselves are gifts. And through Christ, the higher self of humanity I have endowed his force of resurrection or metamorphosis. Through devotion and love for truth that pours from my deepest heart and through the realization that Christ is working in us through these forces, everything can find new meaning and life. Even the baddest, worst evil acts cant tame this spark of life, light and love that makes everything anew. 

This process we have developed in Germany, Sweden, Norway and US together with Global Event College during my wandering in last half an year. I am so enthusiastically starting now Wandering 2.0 in which I aim to both work together with our collegium and with Global School -members, but also find new people and communities who are interested in developing new ways of living together. 

Let me know where I can come and what shall we work together! 

Best regards,

Jeremy Qvick 

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