Jeremy Qvick

Jeremy Qvick is an author, a consciousness researcher and life’s wonderer from Finland, Lapland. He is wandering around the world studying philosophy and anthroposophy connecting and working actively with people and communities from different worldviews. He develops everyday a new Philosophy of Freedom – based creative thinking and a way of living together consciously and lovingly. He loves to make friends, explore the world and is at his best when he can work together with devoted and creative people.

Jeremy is a member of Global Event College and Global School which are Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon’s directed anthroposophy – wisdom of human – based international working communities. Jeremy lectures and organizes seminars and retreats emphasizing ways of developing ones consciousness and of meeting the other. Global Event College and Global School works and organizes seminars in USA, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Austria and Finland in every year.

”I have devoted my life to work with The Event: a new way of living thinking and a loveful consciousness, and to support you in finding your own potential!” 

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