Today is the time of Michael. During this time of the year the story is told of a kingdom and a dragon and of a knight Michael who slays the dragon. The story spurred in me the need to paint a picture of how this story is living in us and how we can find Michael’s forces in us that makes us free and courageous! 

My mother once said very creatively seeing her sons playing video games that we, her boys have lived in those same dungeons for 20 years. Video game can change but the endless dungeons have remain almost the same. In those caves we wander around, kill monsters, collect items, wish to level up and find even bigger and better challenges. 

This may sound a big waste of time, but consider the possibility that we are at this moment wandering in the dungeons of our minds, fighting thoughts and collect new ones. The maze of our mind is so vast that we can spend our whole lifetime there as people who spend their lives playing massive online video games. The only difference is that we don’t recognize the nature and truth of these reality-dungeons. More or less we assume it is ourself who is this dungeon. The monsters of our dungeon are negative thoughts and feelings. There are also better items and level ups – good  thoughts, pleasant feelings and wonderful desires – and we enthusiastically continue the game. Dungeons even include spiritual experiences, feelings of love and of the greatest dreams so let’s not assume that spirituality would be an easy way out! 

The dungeon is actually active not only in our inner life. It exist in each experience we have of the world. When we actively work with self-knowledge we might get a firsthand experience of this. Is the person that we meet each day a new, living person or are we instead thinking how much he is the same old friend, companion or parent that WE know? Sometimes we even think we know him better than he knows himself. The amount of preconceived ideas how the world and the other humans are is huge! Some of us feel the feelings and negative energies of other humans and judge them accordingly. But if we carefully and lovingly enter into the observation of our judgements, we could perceive that it is not I who judges and has opinions. It is the dragon in us who knows the better and has the authority over us. 

This is the battle we want to engage in. It is the battlefield of which Krishna spoke in Bhagavad Gita. This battlefield is the mist in our everyday society. This battlefield makes us wander in darkness not knowing where to go, what to believe or what is the meaning of this all. The dragon who lives in the dungeons doesn’t want to be seen. It craves to control human thought, to make humans believe there is nothing else than these endless dungeons. These dungeons are filled with missions and rewards such as professional life, pleasures of senses and thoughts that don’t matter in the end. This dragon is called Ahriman in the Anthroposophical Spiritual Science.

During last few days I have read Rudolf Steiner’s lectures to youngster in the beginning of last century. Steiner points out amazingly how much our culture has changed in a few decades. These symptoms can be seen very clearly in the present day if we can penetrate a bit under the surface of our modern life. Steiner points out how “objective sciences” have pushed true humanness out of our academic-life and how already in the beginning of the last century he saw how writing had changed from the rich expressions full of inner beauty to what he called empty phrases or “clichès”:

“The forms of the thoughts have changed. But what is raw and crude today has proceeded from what, even in scholarly literature during the last third of the nineteenth century, was finely chiseled and full of spirituality. But those who lived through it, who, without necessarily growing old, have reached more advanced years in the present-day world of thought — we notice what has insinuated itself in a dreadful way into every domain of thought and spiritual life: symbolically, I will call it the “empty phrase,” the “cliché.”

With the vogue of the “cliché” there began to develop lack of thought, lack of sound sentiments, lack of will, which are now on the upgrade. These characteristics were the immediate outcome of the “empty phrase,” the “cliché.” – 3.10.1922 –

The dragon should be brought to light today! It is Michael who kills the dragon in the story that is being told and played each year during the end of September. This Michael-festival time of the year is today and we could see how this whole century is a Michaelic century. It is our time to face our inner and outer dragons with the light of Michaelic thinking. Thinking that is not “only-thoughts” but a real force. Thinking that we can ignite through our own freedom. Thinking that includes feelings and willpower in it. 

When we activate the forces of our dragon – the daily intellectual thinking – by naming what we see for as example the object in front of us, we start to lure it out of its dungeon. We then sneak next to it and observe its misty creation – the mental picture of the object – that lies between us and the reality. After we have observed its creation is consciously and thoroughly, we can stand the heat of its fire and become conscious of its activity – the spiritual forces of intellect. We can now firsthand perceive the creation of the misty dungeon or Maya as some calls it. If we then have a courage, we can take our weapons – our hearts love and warmth & our will-forces of devotion – and take a step towards its presence. The secret is revealed. Through the fire and the flames we find that no man can die or be killed. The dragon can’t kill us, it can only scare us. Now we can befriend with it. The dragon’s protection is the way to step into the higher states of consciousness without losing our individuality. We have found our way out of the dungeon with a new item, an artifact that will help us to build a bridge between our higher being and our daily self. Without it these two worlds would remain separated and our journeys in the realms of consciousness would remain dreamy and misty. 

Finally our thinking has become Michaelic, free and living force that can penetrate the mist and find the truth of our thoughts and experiences. When we develop this faculty we learn to create our ideas and thoughts freely and consciously. We give our friends freedom to become new wonderful beings and our opinions will not remain ready-made and we take good care in forming our views of life. These new thoughts carry the life of our higher being and they become life-giving forces that can guide our speech, acts and our destiny. Thank you for wandering with the into the dungeons of our minds, and for facing the dragon together. The adventures will continue and I am happy being in a company of such wonderful wanderers!


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